Welcome to my studio in France! Located next to the church in the old presbytery of the village of Saint Bérain, my studio offers a spectacular view of the Gorges d’Allier, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my work as an artist. In my studio, I work on paintings in various media, including acrylic, oil, watercolor and oil crayon. Nature and landscapes are my greatest sources of inspiration. In my studio, I work on paintings expressing my own interpretation of this nature. I use sketches I make during my walks as the basis for my paintings. Paintings with great contrasts, light and shadow and expressive use of color to emphasize the essence of the landscape.


In addition to my own work, I organize painting and sculpture courses. I would like to share my artistry  and help others develop their own creative skills. 

My studio is a place where creativity and inspiration come together. Under the name Art et Creation, 

I have been organizing course weeks in Saint Bérain for more than 20 years. To paint, sculpt or spend a week Urban Sketching at Art et Création is to be inspired by the beautiful surroundings in and around Saint Bérain. Enjoy the silence and tranquility, expert guidance and personal attention. In a group of 8 people at most, we will guide you for a week in the fascinating field of painting, drawing or sculpture. For more information;