Jaap van der Wal is a Dutch artist, born May 25, 1965 in Maarssen. After finishing high school, he decided to focus entirely on painting, drawing and sculpting. Van der Wal studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from 1988 to 1993, graduate in, painting, sculpture and drawing.

Jaap van der Wal is a versatile artist who works with a wide range of techniques and materials. Whether small or large works, he always manages to experiment with different textures, colors and light and dark   to add more depth and meaning  to his work. His paintings are  colorful and high-contrast, with his focus on capturing  the experience of the landscape. In addition, paint handling plays an important role in his work, handwriting and movement make his work vibrant and expressive.


By abstracting his paintingshe creates a sense of space and gives the viewer freedom to bring their own interpretation to the work.


Over the years, Van der Wal has had several exhibitions in France and the Netherlands. In which his work has been featured in various collections and galleries.Through his art, he aims to inspire and encourage people to explore their own relationship with the world around them.


Jaap van der Wal’s paintings are often colorful and have a contrasting character. He focuses on capturing the experience of the landscape, simplifying the natural elements to emphasize the essence. His work invites the viewer to connect with nature and experience the power and beauty of the landscape.


His work does not focus on the reality of a landscape, but on its emotion and experience.

Jaap van der Wal